How to check the word "blessed"?

How to check the word "blessed"?

  • The word Blessed turns out to be a masculine adjective and has the ending -SH: Blessed-Blessed-Blessed.

    The stress in it falls on the second syllable: blissful.

    The root of the word turns out to be the morpheme BLAZH-: Blazh-Blazh.

    Note that in this root there is an unstressed vowel A, and the word itself can be mistakenly written as bloody.

    You can check the unstressed vowel in the word Blessed using the noun blAzh.

    Also in the word we notice the suffix of adjectives ENN, which is not written as EN, and is typical for adjectives that are formed from nouns, as in this case from the noun Blazh.

  • In the word BLESSED, you need to check the spelling of the unstressed vowel A at the root BLAZH-, for this we select test words in which this vowel will be stressed: blAgo (alternation of M-F), blAzh, blAzhnoy.

    In the suffix -ENN we write two letters H, since in the adjective in the suffixes -OHN-, -ENN- we write two H: bastion, pumpkin, revolutionary.

  • Blissful adjective. It can mean "peaceful", "happy", "extremely pleasant". Still blessed in religion. most often in Christianity, they call people who have renounced worldly vanities and dedicated themselves to God.

    What spelling is there in the adjective "blessed"?

    1. The unstressed vowel A in the root syllable can be checked if we remember that the word "blessed" was formed from a noun whim this will be the test word. The word is also good indulgence.
    2. Suffix -enn-. There is a rule that asserts that the suffix -enn-full of anonymous adjectives is always written with two letters H (participles and verbs are not counted, we do not consider them). For example: pumpkin, cranberry, straw sun is written with double H. Do not confuse the suffix -enn- with the suffix -yan- (resin, peat, wood, and so on).

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