How to check the word "color"?

How to check the word "color"?

  • In the word COLORIT, you need to explain the spelling of the paired consonant T at the end of the word in a weak position, for this you need to choose test words in which the consonant will be heard clearly: colorful, color. Unstressed vowels O cannot be checked, we remember their spelling.

  • Noun color (with emphasis on the last syllable) has a dubious consonant at the end of a word, a voiceless consonant т.

    To write this consonant letter correctly, you need to voice it, and for this you need to choose another form of the given word or another word in which the consonant being checked will be in front of a vowel or in front of a sonorous consonant (p, l, m, n).

    For example, change the case form: "Tourists admire color of our Ural nature ".

    The consonant is clearly pronounced here т before the vowel о.

    You can also check with an adjective picturesque, where behind the consonant т followed by a sonic consonant н: Which one picturesque look have autumn pictures!

    It is more difficult to check both vowels о at the root of the word. They are also in a weak position (unstressed).

    And yet one of them can be checked. This is the second vowel о.

    Recall that the given word color comes from latin colOr, which is also used in modern Russian.

    For example, the word color often abbreviated coloratura soprano; it is even in the abbreviation dictionary.

    There are also other combinations with this word, for example, COLOR POINT this is the name of the breed of long-haired cats, bred in the fifties in the United States.

    And only the first vowel о it is not checked in any way, it must be remembered by first checking the spelling dictionaries.

  • The word Color turns out to be a masculine noun and second declension in which the zero ending should be highlighted: Color-Color-Color.

    The stress in it falls on the last syllable: colorIt.

    The root of the word turns out to be the morpheme COLOR-: Coloristics-Colorful.

    Note that there are two unstressed vowels O in this root, and the word itself can be mistakenly written as KalArit.

    You can check the unstressed vowel O in the word Coloring using the word kolor, or even the word kOler of the same origin, but the second vowel O is not checked.

    Also, in the word, check the consonant T, which is muffled: ColorTom

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