How to check the word "chest of drawers"?

How to check the word "chest of drawers"?

  • The word CHEST comes from the French language commode. When borrowed, the double M turned into a single M.

    It is impossible to check the unstressed vowel E, we remember its spelling, as well as the namesake words dresser, dresser.

    At the end of a word, the paired consonant D is in a weak position, it can be checked with the above words.

  • The word Chest turns out to be a masculine noun and second declension in which we single out the zero ending: Chest-Chest-Chest-Chest.

    The stress in it falls on the second syllable: dresser.

    The root of the word turns out to be the morpheme CHEST: Chest of drawers.

    Note that in this root there is an unstressed vowel O, and the word itself can be mistakenly written as kAmod.

    This unstressed vowel in a word of French origin Chest of drawers is not testable and therefore the word should be remembered. It should also be remembered that if in French this word is written with doubled consonants M, in Russian only one consonant M has survived.

    Check the last muted consonant in the word with the word comodIc.

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