How to make out the composition of the word: Diversified?

How to make out the composition of the word: Diversified?

  • Which one? Diversified. The word is an adjective.

    Parsed as follows:

    Ending - oh.

    Everything else is the foundation.

    Two roots - many races.

    O is a connecting vowel.

    The prefix is ​​ras.

    And two suffixes - l and ev.

    Not a very simple word to parse.

  • The masculine adjective Diversified has the ending -OO: Diversified-Diversified-Diversified. This word is formed from the addition of the words Many and Branch, and therefore we distinguish two roots in it. The first root will be the morpheme MNOG- and the related words Many-Set-Multiply. At this root we see the alternation of the consonants Г / Ж. The second root is PAC and the same root words Industry-Branch-Grow-Growth. Before this root, select the prefix -OT- Between the roots we see the connecting vowel -O-. Next, we see the suffix -Л- and also select the suffix of the adjective -ЕВ-.

    We get: MANY-O-FROM-RAS-L-EV-OY (root-connecting vowel-prefix-root-suffix-suffix-ending), the base of the word MULTI-BRANCH-.

  • Diversified. In my opinion, this word will be correctly parsed in composition in this way -

    • many - the first root;
    • o - connecting vowel;
    • neg - prefix;
    • ras - the second root;
    • l - the first suffix;
    • ev - the second suffix;
    • oh - the end.

    The basis of the word is diversified.

  • Word diversified complex. To correctly disassemble it by its composition, let us turn to word formation. It appeared as a result of such a method of forming new words as Merger. Adverb lot just merged with the adjective sectoral:

    many + industry = diversified.

    In this case, there is no connecting morpheme in the composition of this complex adjective, but between the two roots there is a many (many, many) and the ras- suffix of the adverb -o. The words are formed in the same way:

    manyоpromising, smallоtall, fastоsoluble, expensiveоstanding,

    which include -o-is an adverb suffix.

    The adjective "diversified" is inflected, for example, by gender:

    diversified industry, diversified production, diversified industry.

    This change will allow to highlight the ending -oi, which will not be included in the basis - diversified -.

    Let's select the prefix from- and suffixes -л- and -ев-.

    Let's collect all the selected parts into a single scheme of morphemic composition:

    many-o-from-ras-l-ev-oh - root / suffix / prefix / root / suffix / suffix / ending.

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