How to make out the word "cup" by its composition?

How to make out the composition of the word "glass"?

  • Root: glass

    Suffix: chick

    Graduation: no or zero (we were told so at school when a word is without an end). For example, if "cups", then the ending will be "and".

    Base: cup (base is all parts except the end)

  • The masculine noun Glass refers to the second declension and therefore has a zero ending: Glass-Glass-Glass-Glass-Glass.

    The one-root words are: Glass-Glass-Settle-Cup-holder-Glass.

    Therefore, the root of the word will be the morpheme GLASS-.

    Next, select the diminutive suffix -CHIK as part of the word.

    We get: GLASS-CHIK_ (root-suffix-zero ending), the base of the word: GLASS.

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