How to make out the composition of the word "messenger"?

How to make out the composition of the word "messenger"?

  • The word "messenger" is a masculine noun.

    The graphical analysis of the word is as follows: vest / nick / _ root / suffix / null ending

    Ending is zero (messenger-a, messenger-u, messenger-e)

    The basis of the word is "messenger"

    Root of the word - "west" (news, news, news, visit)

    Word suffix - "Nick"

  • The way the word is formed - "messenger" - is suffixed.

    Parsing the composition of the word "messenger" is done as follows:

    • West is the root;
    • "nickname" is a suffix;
    • the ending is zero;

    The basis in the word - "messenger" will be the words - "messenger".

  • The noun of the second declension and masculine gender Vestnik has a zero ending, which we confirm with the declension of this word: Vestnik-Vestnik-Vestnik-Vestnik-Vestnik. To find the root, let's look at a few words of the same root: Vestnik-Izvestiya-Notify-Vestovoy-Izvestny-Vest. We find that the root of the word will be the morpheme WEST-. It remains only to select the noun suffix -NIK.

    We get: WEST-NIK_ (root-suffix-zero ending), the basis of the word BULLETIN.

  • Word "messenger" answers the question "what?", which means this word refers to a part of speech - noun.

    Analysis of the composition of words "messenger":

    • prefix: not available;
    • root: west;
    • suffix: nick;
    • ending: zero;
    • word stem: messenger.
      How to make out the composition of the word "messenger"?

  • The messenger is an ancient word, a person who brought the message, mainly to the royal court. It is clear that here the root is the herald, and the only suffix is ​​nickname, the root of the word is the messenger, and the ending in this case is zero.

  • Bulletin

    "West" - root

    "nickname" - suffix

    ending - zero

    "Bulletin" is the basis.

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