How to make out the composition of the word "teacher"?

How to make out the composition of the word "teacher"?

  • Word educator can change its form:

    who's voice? educators, I'm talking to whom? with the teacher, I'm going to whom? to the educators.

    This means that the morpheme -a is an ending that will not be included in the basis - educators-.

    Next, let us single out a whole cascade of suffixes -a-, -tel-, -nits- inherited from different parts of speech by this long word in the process of word formation:

    upbringingаbe - brought upTel - educatorprostratea.

    The question may arise about the part of vo-, which is very similar to the prefix. But still, the root is part of the upbringing, as in related words:

    educational, educational, educate, pupil, pupil, re-education.

    To summarize:

    upbringing-a-tel-nits-a - root / suffix / suffix / suffix / ending.

  • To parse a word by its composition means to highlight the prefix, root, suffix, ending and stem of the word in it. In the word Kindergarten, the root is educated, and the suffix, tel suffix, prostrate suffix and the ending a, are the basis of the word of educators.

  • The feminine noun of the first declension teacher has the ending -A: educator-educator-educator-educator-educatorshy;... To isolate the root, we will use the same-root words: Educator-Educator-Educate-Upbringing-Ill-bred-Raised-Bosshy;supply. It turns out that the root of this word is the morpheme VOSPIT-. Further, we notice in the composition the suffix -A- from the verb Educate, the suffix of the noun -tel- and the suffix of the feminine noun -NITS.

    We get: RAISE-A-TEL-NITS-A (root-suffix-suffix-ending), the basis of the word EDUCATOR-.

  • The teacher is a completely new word that appeared in everyday life where the end of the 18th century, it came to replace the governess. The root is educated. (from the word-verb to educate). A huge number of suffixes, 3 pieces at once - a, tel, prostrate. Ending - a.

  • Teacher- feminine noun, singular.

    First, let's select the ending. To do this, we decline the word ** teacher ** (teacher, teacher, teacher)


    EDUCATOR-the basis of the word

    Now let's select the root. For this we pick up the same root words (pupil, upbringing, educated, re-educate)





    Teacher-root suffixssuffixssuffix ending.

  • The word "teacher" is feminine in the singular.

    And now let's analyze this word by its composition.

    "Raised" is our root

    "A" is the first suffix

    "Tel" is the second suffix

    "Nits" is the third suffix

    "A" - will be the end

    "Kindergarten" is the foundation of the word.

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