How to make out the composition of the word west?

How to make out the composition of the word west?

  • The word - "West" is a noun. The way of education is non-fixative.

    Parsing the composition of the word - "west":

    • "west" is the root;
    • the ending is zero;

    The basis in the word - "West" will be the words - "West."

  • The word West turns out to be a masculine noun, which answers the question What? and refers to the second declension. In its composition, we find a zero ending, which appears when the word is declined in cases: West-West-West-West-West. The same root words are West-Western-Western-Western. The root of the noun will be the whole word WEST.

    We get: WEST_ (root-zero ending), the base of the word WEST.

  • The West is the cardinal points, and although it naturally came from the root to fall, that is, according to the naive opinion of our ancient ancestors, that the sun falls in the evening behind some unthinkable mountain, but how the West separated from its original root and - the West - is entirely the root and the stem of the word, like the word -east-. The ending is zero.

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