How to make out the word "never" as part of speech?

How to make out the word "never" as part of speech?

  • Let's determine which part of speech the word refers to. Never asking him a question: When? - Never. This is an adverb.

    Initial word form: Unchanging part of speech. It has no degree of comparison. Answers the question When? and hence the rank is the adverb of time.

    The sentence turns out to be a circumstance.

    Example sentence: You should never rush to do something, because everything can change.

  • To perform a morphological analysis of a word never, first I will define that this is an adverb that does not change and answers the question: when?

    Never before have I met such a flower structure.

    Then I'll find out significant adverb or pronominal, what category does it belong to and, finally, what syntactic role it plays in the sentence.

    The word under consideration has the following morphological features:

    1. part of speech - adverb;
    2. pronominal adverb,
    3. rank by value - negative;
    4. has no degree of comparison.

    The syntactic role is a circumstance of the time.

  • Initial form: NEVER

    Part of speech: Adverb

    Grammar: Adverb

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