How to make phonetic parsing of the word "time"?

How to make phonetic parsing of the word "time"?

  • Phonetic analysis of the word "time"

    Time is a 2-syllable word, first stressed

    в в - consonant, voiced, solid.

    p p - consonant, voiced, unpaired (sonorous), soft.

    e e - vowel, shock.

    m m - acc., voiced unpaired (sonorous), soft.

    I a - vowel, unstressed.

    5 letters, 5 sounds.

  • Time- (time)

    v - conglomerate, voiced, firm, paired in deafness and hardness;

    p-cons, sonorous. soft, paired in hardness, unpaired in sonority;

    e-vowel, stressed:

    m - consonant, soft, voiced, paired in hardness and unpaired in voiced:

    a - vowel, unstressed;

    Time - 5 letters, 5 sounds

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