How to make a morphological analysis of the word "flashed"?

How to make a morphological analysis of the word "flashed"?

  • Initial Form: BLESNUL

    Part of speech: Verb (personal form)

    Grammar: Indicative mood, past tense, singular, masculine, intransitive, perfect

  • Let's determine to which part of speech the word Flashed by asking him a question: What did you do? - It flashed. This is a verb.

    Initial word form: Shine

    The persistent signs will be: What to do? - Shine. Perfective verb, intransitive and irreversible. Refers to 1 conjugation: Spinner-Flash-Flash-Flash-Flash.

    The fickle signs include: It flashed - I flashed - You flashed. Past tense, neuter. Singular. The face is not detected. Indicative.

    The sentence is a predicate.

    Example sentence: The sun flashed in the depths of the forest, reflecting off an invisible water surface, and I realized that there would be a lake soon.

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