What battle took place in 1223?

What battle took place in 1223?

  • If you believe what was taught in history according to the school curriculum, on May 31, 1223, the first, so to speak, meeting of Russian squads with the Mongol-Tatars took place on the Kalka River in the territory of modern Donetsk region. The united Russian-Polovtsian army was completely defeated by the Mongol-Tatars. Many boyars and princes perished in the battle. From the Russian side, from 70 to 100 thousand were exposed (according to historians - two times less), there were about 50 thousand Polovtsian horsemen. But how many Mongols were chronicles and historians are silent. Moreover, one of the historians, a certain Khrustalv A.G. writes that there were only 10 thousand Russians, and 5-8 thousand Polovtsians, which simply gives reason to say that the number of Mongol-Tatars was also not very large, but more than the Russian-Polovtsian army. But the course of the battle cannot be changed, the latter were defeated and pursued. But if we accept that the Russian troops at that time were famous for their combat capability, and there really were up to 100 thousand of them, then it is very suspicious that the more numerous army lost the battle to only 20 thousand horsemen of the Mongol-Tatars.

  • What battle took place in 1223?

    In 1223, a battle took place on the Kalka River between the united Russian-Polovtsian army and the Mongols. The battle took place on the modern territory of the Donetsk region. From the side of the united Russian-Polovtsian army, from 40 - 100 thousand people took part in the battle, from the side of the Mongols 20 - 30 thousand people. The Mongols won the battle.

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