What are the cognate words for cat?

What are the cognate words for cat?

  • Noun cat и cat - single-root words, because it was from the last (masculine noun) that the feminine noun was formed. Formed with the suffix к, while there was an alternation of consonants tsh (kosh / k / a - root / suffix / ending).

    In this case, the following nouns can also be called the same root: cat, kitten, kitty and kitten

    (alternating to-h), cat and cat, cat, cat-lover, cat-lover and cat-lover.

    Verbs kitten, lamb, adjectives feline, feline, feline (deprecated),

    adverbs feline, feline.

    He sneaked up on me stepping unnoticed feline soft.

  • To find a few words of the same root for the word cat, remember what are the similar words. For example: feline, kitty, kitty, cat, cat - these words will be the same root to the word cat.

  • Word cat - this is a feminine noun, in the singular (in the plural - cats), in the nominative case. An animated object.

    The root of the word is -cat-. Let's take this into account and pick up a few words of the same root:

    • Feline
    • Kitten
    • Koshkin
    • Cat lover
    • Cat
    • To lamb
  • The root of this word is "kosh". It seems to me that the word "cat" has very, very few single-root words. I can only remember two: cat (for example: cat's house), cat (food, eye shape, look, etc.).

  • The word Cat has the same root as the word Cat, only in this root there is an alternation of sounds T / W, but the animal is one. Therefore, the cognate words to the word CAT will be: Cat, Cat-lover, Catwoman, Cat, Cat, Cat, Kitten, Kitten, Cat, Cat, Cat, Cat, Lamb.

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