What are the synonyms for the word "grandmother"?

What are the synonyms for the word "grandmother"?

  • I was raised by my grandmother, so I have a very good attitude to this word.

    Synonyms of the word "Grandmother":

    • granny;
    • ba;
    • old lady;
    • mom's mom;
    • dad's mom;
    • busya;
    • grandmother;
    • old woman;
    • old lady;
    • old lady;
    • granny;
    • granny;
    • grandmother.
  • grandmother is an old woman

    grandmother is old

    grandmother - great-great-grandmother

    grandmother - great-grandmother

    grandmother - midwife

    grandma grandpa's wife

    grandma old mom

    granny mom mom

    grandmother is an old woman

    grandma old mother

    grandmother is elderly

  • Granny, Ba, Original Ba, Grandmaze, mom's mom, in general, many grandmothers are called mothers, because in Russia half of them were probably brought up in the 90s by grandparents. These are holy people, do not forget to call your grandmothers at least to ask how they are doing, they will be pleased and at the same time you.

  • mother, grandmother, mother, mother They are a very rare value, do not lose them, respect and keep

  • Granny, granny, woman, butterfly)), Big mom - "Gros mooter", Mom mom or mom dad!)

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