What are some examples of words with the -ost suffix?

What are some examples of words with the -ost suffix?

  • Dullness, wisdom, sobriety, loyalty, frailty

  • There are a lot of words with the -ost- suffix that have appeared in the Russian language since antiquity, there are also many neologisms, for the -ost suffix is ​​one of the productive and frequent suffixes of the Russian language. Examples - News, old age, joy, goodness, firmness, rage, little, abomination, dullness, and so on up to many thousands of words.

  • Vindictiveness, position, filth, daydreaming, downtroddenness, brevity, youth, courtesy, imbalance, loyalty, arrogance, licentiousness, frankness, sincerity, fragility, gentleness, uncertainty, caution, disgust, sacrifice.

  • Nouns of the feminine gender and of the third declension have the suffix -Ast, and therefore, as examples of words with this suffix, one can cite such words as CAUTION, carelessness, impudence, majesty, Danger, Coolness, Importance, Fluency, Tenderness and many others.

    We notice that all these words are formed in a suffix way from the corresponding adjectives: Dangerous-Danger, Young-Youth.

  • With a suffix Ость there are a lot of words in Russian, if you write them all, a few pages will not be enough, here are some of them:

    Honesty; generosity; stupidity; greed; accuracy; opportunity; literacy; brave;th; readiness; vulnerability; endurance; brightness; economy; briskness; cleanliness; stiffness; coldness; faintness; number; artistry; cold resistance; hy;b; emergency.

  • Relativity, tenderness, trust, efficiency, concern, gratitude, solemnity, youth, concern, activity, banality, stupidity, reality. And many more similar words can be cited as an example.

  • There are a lot of words with the suffix - awn. Nouns formed with the suffix -ost characterize an abstract state or sign.

    So, words with the suffix -ity: pregnancy, insidiousness, diaper rash, meekness, truthfulness, caution, idleness, solemnity, decency, old age, timidity, strength, courage, greed, poverty, loyalty, courage, refinement, sophistication, goodness, difficulty, roughness, femininity ...

  • Words that contain suffix OST, examples:

    uncertainty, politeness, goodness, visibility, virtue, wisdom, airiness, gentleness, intolerance, tolerance, weightlessness, proportionality, colorfulness, softness, firmness, cloudiness, pity, old age, sweetness.

    There are quite a few such words, the suffix is ​​productive.

    The suffix OST forms words with the meaning

    What are some examples of words with the -ost suffix?

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