What proverbs and sayings with the word "garden" do you know?

What proverbs and sayings with the word "vegetable garden" do you know?

  • There are many proverbs and sayings about the garden. I will give some, perhaps those that I remember myself from my childhood.

    When my daughter was little and in elementary school, they were often asked thematic sayings and proverbs. We also wrote and made drawings for each proverb or saying with her.

    I will write what I remembered, but I will highlight it only through quotes, since the system can consider this as plagiarism and delete my answer.

    What proverbs and sayings with the word "vegetable garden" do you know?

  • Choose a wife not in a round dance, but in the garden.

    To fence the garden.

    Apples and uncle in Kiev.

    Scarecrow garden.

    And they find rotten pumpkins in a good garden.

    What kind of order is a vegetable garden without beds?

    Do not throw ashes on the road, but carry them into the garden little by little.

  • Let the goat into the garden ...

    Come people, your garden! Half sugar, half ppm!

    This was a pebble in my garden, do I understand correctly?

    In someone else's garden, apples are sweeter.

    In someone else's garden, the grass is greener!

    In your garden, first figure it out (do not poke, they say, your nose is not your business).

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