Which verification word by the word approximation?

Which verification word by the word approximation?

  • The test word for the word APPROX - CLOSE. And with this word we check the second vowel in the word "approximation".

    The first vowel is not checked using a test word, because -PRI is a prefix that is written in words that, in the sense of something or someone, bring it closer: moved it closer, moved it, came, brought it, etc.

  • In a word "approximation"you can make a mistake twice: when writing the prefix" pri- "and in the root of the word. The spelling of the vowel" and "in the prefix does not need to be checked, it is enough to remember that there is a moment of approach in the word, therefore it is written "at-"rather than "pre-".

    At the root of the word, an unstressed vowel can cause doubt "and", which is easy to verify by selecting the root word. Verification Word "close" is a good option because it drops a dubious letter in it accentuation. Therefore in the word "approximation" we can safely write a vowel in the root "and", not "e".

    So, the word is spelled correctly like this: "approximation".

  • In the word approximation, you can check the prefix -pri, -pre. In the case of approaching something, the prefix is ​​written at. First And checked.

    The second And we check with the verification root word in which the stress falls on this letter. These are the words CLOSE, CLOSE, CLOSE, CLOSE.

  • Before choosing a test word, we establish the morphemic composition of the noun approximationto determine in which part of the word There is a problem in writing.

    Near-near-ee - prefix / root / suffix / ending.

    The emphasis in this word falls on the vowel of the suffix. The vowels and the root of the noun were in an unstressed position. Spelling Consoles at-, pre- is semantic. In this case, the prefix is ​​written in the word atas it means joining something.

    An unstressed vowel at the root of the noun "approximation" will check related words: blиwicked, blиzost, approxиsity.

  • The word "approximation" can be checked with words such as: bLOWER, CLOSER, CLOSE, CLOSE. As you can see this word is easy to check and immediately understand that at the root of the word ( near) you need to write a vowel И. Now go to the console. In this word, the prefix must be written through the letter И, since the prefix indicates any approach, joining.

  • Word approximation - is a neuter noun, singular, nominative or accusative.

    An unstressed vowel in the root of the word needs to select a test word, since the prefix -pri cannot be checked in this way (the prefix -pri just has an approximation value).

    We will check the unstressed vowel in the root by selecting the same root word with the stressed vowel in the root.

    So, check word the approximation to the noun is the words CLOSE, CLOSE.

  • In the word approximation, the stress falls on the third syllable: approximation. It turns out that in the unstressed position the letter And appears in the prefix of the word and the letter And in the root. Possible spelling errors in the word: zoom in or zoom out. To check the vowel And in the root we use the same root words Closer, Closer. We check the spelling of the prefix according to the rule of writing the PRE-PRI prefixes, and since this word is about joining, then we write the PRI-prefix.

  • The word "approach", refers to a noun because it answers the question "what?", is inanimate, neuter and singular.

    In order for us to avoid mistakes in this word, it is necessary to choose a single-root test word. Here the word "blIzko" is suitable for checking.

    With this word you can make the following sentences.

    1. Already in the distance, it was possible to observe the approach of our bus.
    2. Masha was sitting in a clearing eating strawberries, and suddenly some flies began to approach her. Apparently, they smelled sweetness, so they flew in with their big company.
  • The test word for the word approximation is lower.

  • In the word "approach" you can make two mistakes - the prefix "PRI" indicating the action: crouched, stood up, etc. And at the root of the word, where the vowel "And" can be confused with the vowel "E". In this case, you need to choose a test word - CLOSE. The vowel "I" is clearly heard in the word CLOSE.

  • Approximation - select in this word the root close (here there is an alternation of z-z). The test word here is in the single-root word blIzko, where I stands under stress. The prefix at, meaning closeness to something, Pnrvoe e under stress, and the second e, denotes belonging to a neuter noun with an ending in the nominative case

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