What is the test word for sleep?

What is the test word for sleep?

  • Word - sleep, You can write to sleep - this will be an error, the test word - SLEEP, also the word - dream book perfect for testing. And if the letter T also raises questions, I will offer such a test word - sleep, sleep, the letter T is clearly heard, the sun is easily checked!

  • The word Sleep answers the question What to do? and turns out to be the verb of the first conjugation, in which the suffix / ending TH is highlighted.

    The stress in it falls on a single vowel spAt.

    The root of the word turns out to be the morpheme SP: Sleep-Sleep.

    Note that despite only one vowel in this word, you can make a mistake in writing the first consonant C, which turns out to be part of the root, and not a prefix. You can check it, for example, with the word Fill, in which the root of the joint venture takes the form of SYP.

    The soft sign is always written at the end of the infinitive suffix Tb.

  • What is there to check? S-p-a-t-b - all vowels and consonants are pronounced clearly, which excludes double spelling or interpretation. Maybe I'm not catching something?

  • Sleep - Infinitive verb, answers the question what to do? The word consists of only one syllable. The accent falls on the letter -a-. To check the spelling at the end, you just need to know that the main number of infinitive glols have the verb suffix -ty, as in words - to play, dance, sleep.

  • Since the word "sleep" consists of one syllable, and naturally this syllable is stressed, the letter "a" as a stressed one is not checked. The letter "s", not "z" is checked by the word "sleep." not "b" is checked by the vowel "a", and "b" cannot be said there. The letter "t" sounds like "t" with a soft sign "b", and there you will not be mistaken.

  • By its sound the word sleep as it is heard, so it is written, having in its composition all deaf consonants. But everyone may have doubts about which letter to write at the end of a word, т or д?

    Indeed, according to the law of Russian phonetics, voiced consonants are deafened at the end of words, for example:

    span t

    frost with,

    crew w,

    snow to.

    Therefore, to make sure that the final т, you should disassemble it according to its composition:

    sp-a-t - root / suffix / ending.

    Verbs in an indefinite form have an ending only -ty (or -ti: carry-ti, crawl):

    sleep, send, draw, hear.

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