What is the etymology of the word sausage?

What is the etymology of the word sausage?

  • The meat product sausage got its name from the French "sausage", which means "sausage". Despite the French origin of the word, the product itself was invented in Vienna at the beginning of the 19th century and has long been one of the staples of German and Austrian cuisine. In our country, sausages began to be produced as a mass product only since 1936.

  • Yes, at first glance it seems that this word was invented by the Russians and comes from the word "suck a tit", but this is a false folk etymology, because in any case it is a word of the lisping French language, and means a sausage, in any case a sausage is actually similar on the sausage.

  • The origin of the word "sausage, sausage" is so indecent that I will not write it here.

    But who wants to know for sure, find the Holy Language of God on the FB page and read it there.

    Vladimir Bershadsky

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