What is the origin of the word "heaven"?

What is the origin of the word "heaven"?

  • The word "heaven" is a plural form of the word "heaven". But the word "sky" has an ancient origin. It comes from the Proto-Slavic * nebo and has a number of derivatives from the same stem in other languages.

    There is also an inverse theory that "heaven" became the generating basis for "heaven", and the word "heaven" itself came from the combination "no weight", that is, from the same basis from which the word "weightless" appeared. However, given the etymology of the word "weight", this theory is highly skeptical.

  • The word or term "heaven" denotes, firstly, the physical sky (airspace), which we see every day over our heads, and secondly, the heavens also imply the endless continuation of the Universe over the sky.

    Heaven is present in all religions and in all scriptures (texts), including the Bible and the Koran. In some religions, Heaven represents the place of the afterlife or the place of life after death.

    There is also the concept of the Heaven of Heaven, which implies the invisible, immaterial world, the very "third heaven" mentioned by the Apostle Paul.

    According to legend, when the world was created from chaos, God created Light and Darkness, and Heaven and Earth were already allocated from Light and Darkness.

    The word "heaven" comes from the Old Slavonic, and Old Russian, and Old Church word "heaven" (in all ancient Slavic languages ​​it sounded like that for a long time - heaven or nbo, heaven).

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