The line dividing the globe into the eastern and western hemisphere is?

The line dividing the globe into the eastern and western hemisphere is?

  • I think the correct answer here is under the letter "c". This is the prime meridian, from which the geographic longitude begins. The hemisphere, which is located to the right of the prime meridian, is considered to be the eastern hemisphere, and the one to the left is considered to be the western one.

  • How nice to come back to school years and get to the geography lesson. I will not say that my favorite subject is very much, but the granite of science was gnawing regularly and I am not going to swim near the globe or an unfolded map, especially since there is a choice of four options. Without even straining from this choice, we will bet on option B) - "ZERO MERIDIAN". Are you still in doubt?

  • You can easily remember into which hemispheres the equator divides the globe - after all, north is located above it on a map or globe, and south is below it. That is, the equator divides the globe into northern and southern hemispheres. Of the proposed answer options, the Arctic Circle and the southern tropic are drawn parallel to the equator, that is, they are also parallels. But the earth can be divided into the western and eastern hemispheres only by the meridian, a line on the map that passes through the north and south poles. That is, the answer is MERIDIAN ZERO. It is generally accepted that everything to the left of the zero meridian is the western hemisphere, and everything to the right is the eastern one.

  • Here I read this easy question and thought.

    Are there really guys who do not know the answer.

    But, as they say, anything can happen in life, and even more so if this life takes place at school.

    The correct answer is "Zero Meridian".

  • The correct answer would be the prime meridian. It is he who divides the globe vertically into two hemispheres: western and eastern.

    The equator divides the globe horizontally into the southern and northern hemispheres. And the southern tropic and the northern polar circle do not divide the globe into hemispheres (they do not pass through the middle of the globe), they are located horizontally like the equator.

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