Speech therapist: doctor or teacher?

Speech therapist: doctor or teacher?

  • A speech therapist is a teacher, it is this specialist who restores the pronunciation of sounds.

  • There is a doctor and there is also a teacher.

    A speech therapist-defectologist receives a specialty at a pedagogical institute, he works primarily with children who have some problems with the pronunciation of sounds, corrects the pronunciation of sounds, prepares the child for studying in a regular school, and not in a special boarding school.

    But he can not fix all problems. There are difficult cases when, first of all, special operations are required (due to some injuries, or intrauterine underdevelopment - "cleft lip", "cleft palate").

    And here the help of an ENT surgeon is required, who also passed specialization in defectology for various disorders. And with a secondary medical education, nurses also undergo speech therapy specialization and help with the restoration of speech in patients who have suffered a stroke.

  • A speech therapist is both a teacher and a doctor.

    I have been taking my child to a speech therapist for the third year, but we have a difficult case, the child is autistic, the first time when they came to a speech therapist, the child knew a couple of words, but now we read fluently in two languages ​​and can formulate a sentence. In general, this is progress for us and the speech therapist has played an important role.

    In addition to the fact that she herself studied with him, the speech therapist also gave us home assignments, emphasized attention, but what is worth tightening up.

    And in general, she really supported me with advice, in general, a speech therapist - for a child as a teacher, and for me - as a psychologist.

    So I have great respect for speech therapists.

  • Speech therapist is a pedagogical specialty, which is obtained while studying at a pedagogical institute. Usually, in parallel, they receive a specialty - defectologist. Young teachers are graduated with a specialty in the diploma: speech therapist - defectologist.

    To become one, you need to have a talent for communicating with children, the ability to communicate.

    I know several families, whom the speech therapist helped a lot, their children became more confident in kindergarten and school, although they just did not say the letter "R" correctly, lisped and stuttered.

    A separate group of sick children with speech impairments, autism, with congenital pathology: "cleft palate" and "cleft lip" and others.

    The speech therapist works in school, as well as the rate in some children's clinics.

    Speech therapist: doctor or teacher?

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