Confidant or thimble, how to write and speak correctly?

Confidant or thimble, how to write and speak correctly?

  • Both words are spelled correctly, but they have different meanings.

    Confidant is a close, beloved person (from the word "percy", ie chest). The part of the priest's clothing that is worn on the chest is also called.

    A thimble is an attorney in some affairs. Another meaning of the word is fingertip, i.e. something that is worn on the finger (for example, a medical fingertip).

    Thank you, Inna Beseder, thanks to her I looked into the dictionary and learned that there is the word "confidant".

  • Confidant and confidant are two different words. Both words are correct. Here about the confidant, and the confidant is what is put on a finger (finger). Maybe, for example, a decoration.

  • The word Confidant answers the question Who? and turns out to be a masculine noun, and an animate one. It means a person who fulfills someone's will, a deputy leader, a representative.

    This ancient word is formed from the addition of the word Percy, the prefix HA and the suffix NIK. It turns out the following morpheme composition: HA-PERS-NIK_ (prefix-root-suffix-zero ending).

    so what is Percy's word? Previously, this was the name of the chest, that is, a confidant - a person close to the chest.

    However, the word Thimble also exists and this word is formed according to the same scheme, but from the noun Finger, that is, finger. Hence the word Thimble means something worn on the finger.

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