Find words with the root -black-?

Find words with the root -black-?

  • I add words to the above correct answers: Prunes, inkwell, black soil, blacken, blacken, Chernavka, Chernobyl, black-black, Chernigov, black-eyed, black, black-hundred, silver fox, blacken.

  • The following words can be found with the root "black":

    nouns: "blackness", "mob", "chernushka", "black earth", "prune", "inkwell", "draft", "blueberry", "Chernigov", "Montenegro",

    adjectives: "black", "black earth", "black-eyed", "black-haired", "dark-haired", "black-browed", "blueberry", "black-and-white", "rough",

    verbs: "blacken", "blacken", "blacken",

    participles: "blackening",

    adverb: "in black".

  • Nouns: black, black, blueberry, draft, black, ink, black (outdated synonym for monk).

    Adjectives: black, black-fruited (mountain ash), rough, black-nose (peasant), dark-haired.

    Verbs: blacken, blacken.

  • With root -black- I immediately remembered the adjective the black, and the subject also happens blackishand the fox black-brown... Children write draft essays. On the rough not everyone will agree to work. Around at night black-blackif the moon does not shine. Around full black night.

    Our cat's name is Blackie.

    There are many blueberrywhere you can collect blueberries... Berry blueberry everyone loves. Blueberry we eat jam with pancakes. This salad is necessary Prune.

    Something turns black far away.

  • There is a fairly large number of words with the root "black", especially since black is one of the most common colors, but there are also words with this root, which has an additional meaning. So let's start black, black earth (a difficult word), Chernogor (a fairy-tale hero from "Ruslana and Lyudmila A. Pushkin), blacken (humiliate a person with slander), black-eyed (a beauty with beautiful black eyes), blackness, ink, black-hundred (in a negative sense), prunes, blueberries, Chernigov, rough (option), draft and so on Further

  • With the word "black" you can pick up a lot of single-root words and the first thing that comes to mind is the adjective "black", "black", as well as the words "black", "black", "black", "black", "ink", "blueberry", "blueberry", "chernukha", "blacken", "blacken", "black". You can also pick up single-root compound words with the root "black", like "black fruit", "black earth", "black-eyed", "black-eyed", "black-and-white", "black-haired".

    I also remember my own words like "Montenegro", "Chernigov".

  • С root -black- I managed to find the following words:

    • Black
    • Blacken
    • Black
    • prunes
    • Blueberries
    • Draft
    • Black Earth
    • Black
    • Blacken
    • Draft
    • Black and White
    • Blackbrowed
    • Black haired
    • Swarthy
    • Ink

    It turned out to pick up these.

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