Tell us about your favorite book?

Tell us about your favorite book?

  • My favorite book "Kolobok"

    I know by a tooth.

    Such a free hero in her.

    He goes home side.

    He is cheerful, the songs are sweat.

    He does not know that the belly is empty

    The inhabitants of their native forest

    And there is no stronger interest

    Eat and fill your belly

    A stove bun, and behold

    he meets a fox

    Such a redhead beauty

    Which in one fell swoop

    Eats kolobok in a big way.

    And gently strokes the belly,

    And so he lives year after year.

  • When I was 8 years old, I adored L. Voronkova's book "The Elder Sister". I read it and reread it, messing up all the pages.

    I knew her almost by heart. I love reading since childhood. I read a lot and avidly.

    But, having read the next book, I was sure to reread my beloved "Big Sister".

    This book tells the story of a family in which a misfortune happened. Mother died during childbirth with her third child. And Zina Streshneva, the eldest daughter, became a support for her father in these difficult times.

    Once, when I was once again reading my "desk" book, my mother came home from work, who has a rather tough disposition.

    And I, having read it, did not do something around the house. And my mother tore my favorite book to shreds, and made it take it to the trash. How I cried when I had to say goodbye to this book by leaflet.

    For 30 years I did not return to "Big Sister". Until my beloved younger sister, knowing this story, saw this old book from some acquaintances. And she begged them for this book for me and brought it to me.

    Of course, I reread it again and in my heart laughed at myself, little one.

    Now this book is in my place of honor, in the closet.

    My beloved "Big Sister". The book of my childhood.

  • Personally, I am puzzled by the questions "your favorite book", "your favorite dish".

    If a person reads a lot, then he will not have one favorite book.

    I have so many of them that I have forgotten some of my favorite books.

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