Kebab or kebabs - how is it right?

Kebab or kebabs - how is it right?

  • If there is one, then he is a Shashlik. If there are several of them, then these are already SHASHLIKS.

    Several kebabs can be on skewers. As in the photo. If the meat is removed from the skewers and is in the plate separately, then this is already a SHASHLIK.

    Very tasty photo!)) I immediately wanted barbecue ...

  • Both options are correct. The point is that kebab is what is on the skewer. Kebabs on several skewers. In the picture, in the explanation to the question, there are three kebabs. Each of them is a kebab. But all together they are kebabs.

    Have you eaten that already? If not, bon appetit, and don't bother with the names. What's the difference? You will eat three kebabs or all kebabs. Or have already eaten.

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