Student - who is he? What should a student be like? What should a student do?

Student - who is he? What should a student be like? What should a student do?

  • Alfia's answer, which is perfectly correct in principle, requires one addition. Namely: the student must support himself financially. That is, work and earn money for a living. Here is a quote: "The issue of increasing scholarships for students of Russian universities is not on the agenda today, said Olga Golodets, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation for the social sphere." She explained: "We believe that you are healthy, strong, and today hope is more likely in you in terms of the development of our economy and the fact that you could feed yourself." But the question remained that not all students are healthy and strong. And some of them spend all their time studying. Especially in the first years. If you work in the first years, it is easy to fail the session and be expelled. In the senior years, it is really desirable to find a future job for yourself. And preferably one where you can apply the knowledge gained.

  • Word student comes from Latin studens, that is, working hard, engaged, that is, a person who is in the process of learning all the time. In ancient countries, before we understood the importance of learning. This is the way it should be.

    Today, this is the one who studies at the university.

    The student differs from the students of schools, technical schools and colleges in that he is less monitored during the semester, that is, they do not look in his notebook, write, do not give grades. He is more independent. He has the opportunity to listen to lectures, take part in seminars on subjects, find relevant literature and, as a result of what he took into his head, to complete laboratory, coursework and diploma.

    Ideally, even today, a student is a person who has chosen the specialty that he likes, the knowledge in which he wants to receive and receives with the help of good teachers, making a lot of their independent efforts.

    Student - who is he? What should a student be like? What should a student do?

  • Don't you know? The question is simply banal. A student is a graduate of a school who enrolled in a higher educational institution and not only an institution, who already has a student card on hand. A student should be diligent in his studies, not offend his fellow students, fellow students, be careful in terms of "tails" that greatly poison student life. Be able to compliment girls, be courteous, not be rude to teachers, if possible, not jump out the window, but enter through the door to the lecture, if possible, have as few cribs as possible. Be nice, eloquent, diligent. Be just such that the teacher always wants to give a credit or a positive mark. DO NOT deceive parents about attending lectures and, of course, do not leave their favorite institution. Parents always I want to cry when their child is so disobedient that he rudely controls his fate - gives up what he started. In general, an intelligent person often knows what he is doing.

  • A student is someone who studies in a higher educational institution. A student should be different: on the one hand, responsible, decent, and on the other hand, hope for free and be able to have fun. I think if you adhere to these rules, then your student years will be fun.

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