Why test reading technique?

Why test reading technique?

  • All textbooks are written using letters that form syllables, syllables - into words, and words make up sentences. Reading is a strenuous mental activity and quite difficult for a child who has just learned to read. If a child slowly reads syllables, then, having reached the end of a word, he may already forget what he read earlier.

    A fluent reading is the key to a successful study.

    I remember how in the first grade I could not put syllables into words, I just did not understand it, and my dad worked with me every day to teach me to read fluently. At first, I did not show any success in my studies, but by the fourth grade I became an excellent student and such a book reader that I reread everything that was available to me.

  • I have always thought that this was done with the aim of improving the reading itself. Indeed, if there is a test, there is a desire to succeed in it.

  • The reading technique shows how many words per minute the child reads and how he himself understands the meaning of what he read. He depends on how the child reads and learns the text and study in other subjects. A child who reads slowly does not understand the text well or does not understand at all, sometimes he does not even remember the beginning of what he read. Because of this, studies in other subjects will also be lame.

  • Nothing at school was invented just like that.

    The reading technique exists in the elementary grades, when the child is still just learning to read. Reading technique helps the teacher to find out at what level of development the child's reading skill is.

    The ability to read is made up of several criteria.As

    Reading method how the student reads in syllables or whole words. Well, maybe he still has a letter-by-letter reading of the text.

    Right this is reading without errors: so that there are no omissions of some letters, the replacement of some letters with others, their rearrangements, ...

    Fluency this is the reading speed. The volume of information from class to class will only increase. And in order not to waste a lot of time on reading, it is necessary to increase the reading speed, i.e. the number of words read per minute. Each class has its own standards.

    There are 1 words in grade 40,

    in the 2nd grade 70 words,

    in grade 3 90 words,

    in the 4th grade 120 words.

    Mindfulness it is the comprehension of the material read. Usually, for this purpose, the teacher will ask the student questions about the text read. And it often happens that a child, having read a text at a speed of 120 words per minute, cannot answer an elementary question regarding the name of the main character of the text.

    Expressiveness this is the use of pauses during reading, finding the right intonation in the voice, the correct setting of stress.

    A reading technique is needed. It was created not to torment children and parents, but on the contrary, to help them find out at what level the child's reading skill is, where he has difficulties, what the teacher, student and ... parents need to work on. And always the verification of reading technique is followed by work on the development of reading technique... Indeed, it is correct, fluent, meaningful and expressive reading that is the key to the successful learning of your baby.

    Why test reading technique?

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