What does the word "tsatsa" mean?

What does the word "tsatsa" mean?

  • The word "Tsa-tsa" is associated with such a touchy one who does not tolerate objections, spoiled, accustomed only to everyone's attention, naturally unable to do anything, accustomed to only receive everything and not give anything in return. The whole world should revolve around her, and she will enjoy and admire her person.

  • the word "tsatsa" means a toy. A doll, a car, any object that can be played.

  • Swell, this is a toy, decoration, a pattern on a platband, embroidery on towels. Swell is called those who require increased attention, imagine a lot, imagine themselves better than they really are, do no dirty work.

  • swell - (slang) a dismissive designation of a person who has a high opinion of himself. (synonyms: imagined, "daffodil", "all (all) of himself", "king", etc.) Comes from the ancient Slavic "tsatska" (toy, trinket, thing for fun).

  • Usually, a queen can be called a girl or woman who does not really want to burden herself with housework, and this can generally be called a white-handed woman. She is not too eager to work with her white hands for the good of even the family (if there is one). I think that an ordinary man is not a millionaire and not billion - ru such a wife is not needed. It's too difficult with such a problem and why do you need one in general, if there are many beautiful girls and women who can do a lot. Let him find a rich uncle for himself, if he wants her too. In general, let our tsatsa be beautiful , but at the same time do not shy away from their female duties. Because life is not swan's down at all.

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