What was the main reason for the escape of Mtsyri from the monastery?

What was the main reason for the escape of Mtsyri from the monastery?

  • "Mtsyri" is a wonderful work of the great Russian poet and writer M.Yu. Lermontov, like many of his other works, it is imbued with a thirst for freedom, throwing and searching for oneself. The main reason for Mtsyri's escape from the monastery is longing for freedom. Mtsyri dreamed of freedom, from an early age captured by his rebellious spirit was looking for an opportunity to return to where his homeland, to where his childhood memories painted him happiness and peace, to his distant Caucasus:

    "Alas! - in a few minutes

    Between steep and dark rocks,

    Where I played in childishness

    I'd trade heaven and eternity ... "

    He was attracted by heights, unconquered loops, left there, far behind, in the memory of his childhood and in his free soul.

    Mtsyri, tormented by this melancholy, was tormented in the holy monastery, like a bird in a cage, without giving away his throwings:

    "Goodbye, father ... give me your hand:

    You feel mine is on fire ...

    Know this fire from your youthful days,

    Hiding, he lived in my chest .. "

    But his free spirit could not bear the silence, solitude in the distance from his native mountains and lovely heart places. Not for nothing, even on his deathbed, Mtsyri thought about him, about his Caucasus!

  • To live, according to Mtsyri, means to hate and love, "to recognize and overcome the real danger with one goal - to make the heart beat alive. Mtsyri cannot be in the monastery - he is a passionate and freedom-loving nature, and he is restrained by the shackles of religion. Mtsyri runs away from the monastery. to know and see life, to understand yourself, to

    "Find out if the land is beautiful,

    Learn for will il prison

    We will be born into this world. "

    The search and finding of oneself begins with the Motherland: "I am the only goal. To pass to the native land

    He had in his soul ... "Only after escaping from the monastery, Mtsyri gains physical and moral freedom. He recalls his native aul, where he grew up, his family, recalls his father. . "Behind the monastery wall, everything glows with freedom, and the hero finally unites with nature: the trees are like brothers in a circular dance, the rocks are eager to meet every moment.

    Mtsyri created to live in freedom, because he ran away from the monastery, at the call of his heart.

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