What is Penny Farthing?

What is Penny Farthing?

  • The Penny Farthing is a bike with a very large front wheel. The saddle of this bike is very high, so it is quite dangerous to ride such a vehicle. But the British at the end of the 19th century still took walks. And it was trendy. Now such bicycles can only be found in the circus. And driving and riding them is considered a circus art.

    The correct answer to the quiz: Bicycle

  • Pennies and farthing are English coins. Farthing is a small quarter pence coin. E diameter at different times ranged from 12 to 20 millimeters. Penny, the 12th part of the shilling, in the 19th century, this coin was stamped from copper, the diameter of e was 31 millimeters. Comparing the sizes of coins, the British gave this nickname to one of the first models. bikea.

  • The Penny Farthing is a bike model that features a very large front wheel. But the second, rear wheel of the penny-farthing, on the contrary, is very small.

    Personally, I have such a bike associated with circus and clowning.

    What is Penny Farthing?

  • Penny Farthing is a bike! One wheel is large, the other is small. the British in general were masters of inventing unusual bicycles, remember the five-wheeled bicycle of the postman. Nowadays, penny-farthing can be found in a museum or in ... a circus!

  • Penny-farthing is one of one types of bike, produced earlier, characterized by a huge front wheel and a small rear wheel.

    Was popular in the 1880s. Penny farthing was the first of its kind to be called a "bicycle".

    What is Penny Farthing?

  • Of the three answer options presented in your question, the third option is suitable for us, in which we see the answer - Велосипед, and the bicycle itself in the XNUMXth century was called a penny - farthing due to the fact that it had a large front wheel and a small rear one. The British associated this with coins - pennies and farthing, that is, the size of these coins - one larger, the other smaller.

  • Penny - Farthing, a very fascinating type of bicycle, it catches our eyes with its non-standard design for us, it has a very large front wheel, and a very small rear wheel, I think it is very inconvenient!

    The correct answer is: Bike!

    What is Penny Farthing?

  • It is symbolic that the British gave this original name to the vehicle, just connected with the names of the coins, the denomination of one farthing and one penny - small and large. So the vehicle has one big wheel and the other small, based on this we answer that "Penny - Farthing" is the original "BICYCLE" from the nineteenth century.

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