Dont thief, bi happy - what does the expression mean, where is it from?

Dont steal, bi happy - what does expression mean, where does it come from?

  • "don't worry, be happy" I translated it this way. There are many songs with this phrase) for example, Bob Marley) There is even such a children's song) the phrase is too good, so many sing it) by the way, it's a good motto for life)

  • Dont worry, Be happy!

    In translation, the expression means - Do not worry, be Happy!

    The expression is the title of a song by American musician Bobby McFerrin. The song combines reggae and jazz styles. The work was released in September 1988.

    All other songs with this title are cover versions.

    In addition, the Indian philosopher and mystic Meher Baba often used this phrase in his addresses. Later, in 60, this expression was printed on esoteric playing cards and posters.

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