How do you spell: half past ten, half past eleven, half past eleven?

How do you spell: half past ten, half past eleven, half past eleven?

  • Here you just need to remember that this word is written only through a hyphen. Namely half past ten. The remaining options in any cases will be incorrect, so be careful when writing.

  • Very often setting the time of the meeting, we want to appoint him just for this time and the question arises, and how to write it right after all.

    And the answer is quite simple: half past ten, write like this.

    Let's see why it is necessary to write using a hyphen.

    To do this, you need to delve into the rules of the Russian language, how to write words, I use the particle "floor". And there is a wonderful point, which says that if your noun is spelled with a vowel, then be sure to use a hyphen in the spelling. Which is naturally what we do, so remember this point of the rule and write all words with the particle "floor" with nouns beginning with vowels using a hyphen.

  • Half past ten, half past eleven or half past eleven?

    From such a choice of writing just eyes run!

    To select the correct option, look at the initial vowel of the root:

    floor-оdin-eleventh - prefix / root / suffix / ending.

    Once korea begins with a vowel о, the prefix is ​​full, I will write with a hyphen in accordance with the spelling rule:

    Eleventh floor.

    Words starting with all vowels of the Russian alphabet are written in the same way:








    Through a hyphen I will also write words whose root begins with a capital letter or л, For example:

    floor-лohma, halfлbonuses, half-лimon;

    floor- Аwhistle, fullВyens, fullМUrman.

    Apart is written floor, if a definition expressed by an adjective, participle, pronoun, ordinal number, etc., is wedged between it and the word, for example:

    the floor of an apple orchard, the floor of a flowering tree, the floor of my house, the floor of the second entrance.

  • It is necessary to consider the entire proposal, otherwise it is impossible to give an answer. If you mean time, then you need to write with a hyphen (vowel after "half-"). Example: "It's half past ten, and you're still asleep!"

    But if the floor is meant as a part of the structure, then it is necessary to write separately. Example: "The floor of the eleventh floor of a new house has not yet been laid."

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