How do you spell a word: lampshade or lampshade?

How do you spell a word: lampshade or lampshade?

  • You just need to remember that the lampshade is written with the letter U.

    Part of the word "zhur" came from the foreign jour - which means light.

    And "aba" is from another French word abat.

    I do not know how to explain the spelling of the letter U, so I recommend remembering the word "lampshade" without any rules.

  • In a word shade, borrowed from the French language, the sound "z" sounds softly in spite of the Russian firm pronunciation of this sound in other words. Compare: crane, beetle, creepy.

    But still we write the word "lampshade" with the letter уdespite its foreign sound. In Russian there is a small spelling rule: after the sizzling Well, w, u, h letters are written a, u, and... The letter "u" after the hissing is written in the borrowed words-exceptions:

    broochюra, wюri, parashюso

    In the first two syllables of the word a-ba-wуvowel sounds are unstressed. What to write, the letter "o" or "a"? Let's write a word with the letters "a".

    Lampshade is a dictionary word, the spelling of unstressed vowels in it cannot be checked either by changing the shape of the word (lampshadeуr, abуr-ohmуr-s), no selection of related words (abajуpny).

  • If we are only interested in this one spelling, and all the other letters are known, then this is already good.

    Although the noun "shade"being borrowed and not having a single test word in the Russian language, it is subject to mechanical memorization, our doubtful place is precisely checked. Not with the help of a word, but with the help of the appropriate rule.

    The word "lampshade" is written through "y", and not through "u", because it falls under the spelling, which in school is expressed by the rule: "Write after the hissing Ж, Ч, Ш and Щ, the letters I, U, A. But never do not write Y, Y, Y. If there are no exceptions in front of you. " The word "lampshade" is no exception. Therefore, only "У".

  • The word lampshade is written with a letter У.

    Morphology and syntax.

    1) Parsing syllables: aba-jour

    2) Characteristic: noun, inanimate, masculine, 2-declination.

    3) Parsing by elements (Tikhonov, 1996 year): root: -abazhur-.

  • A cap worn on a lamp to diffuse the direct light of a light bulb is called shade and this word is written in the same way as it is pronounced - through the letter У. The correct spelling will abajУR. Here, perhaps, all on this issue.

    How do you spell a word: lampshade or lampshade?

  • The first answer in your question is correct, you need to write the word lampshade through the vowel "y". The word was borrowed from another language in order to write it correctly, it is worth remembering it, there is no other way.

  • This word with correct spelling looks like this - "shade". The word lampshade is quite complicated, but it needs to be remembered, as it refers to dictionary words. In this word, the emphasis falls on the vowel У. The word lampshade refers to foreign words. It comes from the French word abat-jour.

  • Despite the fact that in the word the sound "z" is pronounced softly, in the French manner, it will still be correct to write the word like this:

    "Lampshade" i.e. with the letter "y".

    The main thing is not to succumb to the temptation and not write the way you hear with "yu" and then you will not be mistaken.

  • Word "shade" translated from French means "muffler" ("dimmer") of light and comes from "abat-jour". Since the word is borrowed from the French language, it will not work to check the spelling of the vowel "y" using the same root word. The word "lampshade" is vocabulary and its writing needs to be remembered.

    True, the word "lampshade" falls under the well-known rule that prescribes after sizzling (w, f, u, h) write a vowel "y"And not "Yu"... Since our word is not included in the number of exceptions, then this rule can be guided. We write after the hissing "z" vowel "y", and in case of doubt, you can always find the word "shade" in spelling dictionary.

  • How do you spell a word: lampshade or lampshade?

    Wu or Yu is a fairly common mistake. It is not surprising that this word is found very often both in homework assignments and in various kinds of verification work such as dictation or presentation. You need to remember the rules, as well as a list of vocabulary words that you need to remember. And then it will become clear that the lampshade is being written. You just need to remember.

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