How to spell the word nemilo or not nice, inappropriate or not by the way?

How to spell the word nemilo or not nice, inappropriate or not by the way?

  • The word "displeased" is written together, since it is an adjective and there is no opposition. Also, the adverb "inappropriate" will also be written only in one piece and in no other way, you just need to remember it, because in general it is not written separately with adverbs.

  • There are adverbs Nemilo and the adverb Nekstati, which will be written together. Similarly, the short adjective Nemilo, formed from the adjective Nemily, will be written together.

    However, there is an adverb By the way, and there is an adverb or the short adjective Milo, which can be written with a particle NOT separately if opposites or alliances are used.


    Nekstaty guests came. Guests came not by the way, but on time.

    In the morning it is raining and everything in the world is mild.

    It's raining and everything is far from cute.

  • Good afternoon.

    The first word "(not) cute" can be written together and separately. The word "(not) cute" refers to a short adjective part of speech. You should write:

    1) "Not nice", when there is an opposition with the union "a" and words that reinforce the negation (not at all, etc.);

    2) "Nemilo", when the conditions of the first paragraph are not met.

    Always write the adverb "inappropriate" together.

  • The adjective "unwelcome" is a short form of the word "unwelcoming". Let's write it together, if there is no opposition with the union "a", the words "not at all", "far from", by no means ".

    Let's compare:

    I do not care.

    I'm not at all nice. Everything is far from nice to me. Everything is not nice to me.

    The word "by the way" is an adverb. As a general rule, the particle "not" with adverbs (except for adverbs in -o) is written separately: not always, not here, not completely, not everywhere.

    We will write the adverb "out of place" together, since word formation took place here and not - this is a prefix: by the way - out of place.

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