How to say schAvel or sorrel?

How to say schAvel or sorrel?

  • You can say this and that. There is no mistake here. Who is used to it or as is customary in this region. Such words can be ranked: beetroot - beetroot, tvorog - cottage cheese and others.

  • The correct and official pronunciation is sorrel, and sorrel is an acceptable CONVERSATION option, which, unfortunately, is greatly overused in our time. For example, an agreement (correct agreement), call (call correctly). And for dessert "memory" in rhyme:

    Phenomen calls on Wednesdays

    By accepting a contract for years,

    He gave escort experts

    Movement of the airport.

  • Correct Speak "sorrel"... Comes from the Old Slavic "shchavei". In Latin - Rumex acetosa.

    Sorrel is an edible herb from the buckwheat family, perennial. It has oblong sour leaves (a natural source of vitamin C), which perfectly complement first courses (borsch, soup) and are an excellent side dish instead of porridge or potatoes.

    And even in the words "sorrel" and "sorrel" the stress is equal to E.

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