What is the correct spelling of "deviChnik" or "deviShnik"?

What is the correct spelling of "devichnik" or "deviShnik"?

  • Girls, not girls =) And now in more detail. If we consider the rules of the Russian language, then this word will be correctly written as hen-party... There are bachelor parties, but no bachelor parties =) If you want to make sure - write this word in a search engine and get the most correct spelling.

  • Svetlana’s beautiful answer, except for one: this pronunciation was from the 19 of the 20th century in ST. PETERSBURG, but not in Moscow.

    They were shone by outstanding and well-known RUSSIAN actors from the scenes of St. Petersburg theaters, this pronunciation is still preserved today. In SAINT-PETERSBURG. Especially preserved in the classical plays of Fonvizin, Chekhov, A. Ostrovsky, early plays of Gorky and others.

  • It is written unambiguously - bachelorette party, from the word girl. But some pronounce it with the letter S. There are no pronunciation rules for this. But I would not say with the letter W such words as: bachelorette party, bakery, mustard plaster, milkman, hearty, boring, scrambled eggs, and others. In all these words, the use of the letter Ш is allowed, this is because since the reign of King Pea, no one has canceled this. The pronunciation with the letter W is reminiscent of films about the times when they said, you are my hearty friend.

  • The correct spelling is "bachelorette party", from the word "girls". There are many words in Russian when we speak differently from the way we write. In the answer of the author Ryaba, everything is what I would say. They don't say that anymore and there are few words that are better pronounced differently from the way they are written.

  • The correct answer would be "bachelorette party". This can be clarified by subjecting the word to morphemic parsing. So substituting the same root words (girlish, girl, girlhood), we select the root "virgins" and the suffix "ich" remains, where the spelling of the letter "h" is clearly visible and audible.

  • The spelling and pronunciation of the word hen party is different.

    What is the correct spelling of "devichnik" or "deviShnik"?

    We can and always say Devishnik.

    But you can not write like that.

    I myself often confused letters in words before, when pronunciation is different from writing. Therefore, I regularly repeat the rules of our great and mighty Russian language.

  • Do not confuse the pronunciation of words with spelling. These are the essence of different things. In some words of the Russian language, traditionally, instead of the letter combination chn, sn is pronounced, for example:

    Losers, boring, on purpose, scrambled eggs, of course, a number of rolls.

    In a word hen-party A combination of consonants is written. According to the orthoepic norms of the modern Russian language, we will pronounce the sounds of a sound:


  • In the noun HEN-PARTY spelling combination CHNand pronounced combination ShN - GIRL.

    And there are rules on this subject, and there are exceptions.

    The pronunciation of this combination is very often difficult.

    It is pronounced, as a rule, in accordance with the spelling, for example: equine, precise, toxic, anti-positive, summer, technical, etc.

    However, in modern Russian, in some words, the combination CHN pronounced as Csh. Such pronunciation of the combination is used according to the preserved norms of the old Moscow pronunciation in words nest box, horse, horse, boredas well as in the word GIRL.

    I note that in the women's patronymic with ending -IMAL also in accordance with the above, the combination is written CHN, and pronounced ShN, for example, Kuzminishna, Ilinishna, Nikitishna, etc.

    Concerning the formation of the word HEN-PARTY.

    DEV / ich / nick, DEV / p / a, DEV / ig / a, DEV / ich / s and other related words have a root DEVas formed from the noun Virgo.

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