How to make out the composition of the word "are born"?

How to make out the composition of the word "are born"?

  • Let us analyze the verb "are born" into morphemes as follows:

    birth is the root of the word (at the root there was an alternation of d / w, which can also be observed here: birth - birth = birth, lead - driving; walk - it - walking);

    a-derivational suffix of the verb (birth-A-th);

    -yut - personal ending of the present tense plural verb;

    -sya is a returnable postfix.

  • Born (what are they doing?) Is a present tense third person plural verb. We immediately select the postfix -СЯ and the ending -УТ.

    Having picked up the same-root words, we determine the root ROSD-.

    Now let's define the suffix -A-.

  • The present tense verb Born is derived from the infinitive Born. Therefore, it is easy to distinguish the recurrent postfix -СЯ. When this verb is conjugated, the ending -YUT is found: They are born-He is born-We are born-I am born. The single-root words for the verb are: to be born-to give birth-to-parents-to-childbirth. We see that the root turns out to be ROSD- and in this root we see a fluent consonant D and an alternation of consonants W / D. That is, in other words, this root can take the form ROD-BIRTH-ROZH. We also select the infinitive suffix -A- in this verb.

    We get: BIRTH-A-YUT-SYA (root-suffix-ending-postfix), the base of the word BIRTH-SYA.

  • They are born, we are born, it is born. By changing the morpheme, we can determine that this is the end of words. In our case it is -yt-. All the rest will be noted as the basis -birth-. At the end of the word, we see the postfix -sy-. The root of the word will be -birth- (birth, childbirth, was born, natural born). There is an alternation of roots -genus - / - birth-. Only the derivational suffix -a- remains.

  • Good afternoon, let's look at the composition of the verb born... In this word, an ending can be distinguished, which looks like: gt;and the last two swapping letters will be postfix. The basis is to highlight being born. Root in the word, highlight this: birth, and the suffix а.

  • "Born"- this is a verb, what are they doing? Let's analyze it by its composition, that is, identifying the morphemes that are in this word:

    -birth- root of the word ( birthtion, birthgo, birtheniyu);

    -а- word suffix;

    -gt;- the end of the verb;

    -Xia- return postfix.

    Basis the words: born_birth.

  • Word born, the main part of which is at the same time the root, in this word is considered - birth, it is present in all forms of declension of the word. Form-building suffix in this word, the morpheme is rolled - a.

    UT- this is the classic ending that verbs of the first conjugation have, so it is not included in the stem. The basis of this word is considered to be an intermittent combination of letters such as birth-sya. СЯ- which is located at the end of a word, is considered a postfix, since it comes after the end, but it is not. The way this word is formed pristavochno-suffixal, since both the prefix and the root participated in its formation.

  • Word born, is a verb as part of the speech of the Russian language.

    The root of this word is - BIRTH -.

    The suffix of this word is - - A -.

    Inflection of the given word - - ЮТ -.

    The postfix of this word is - СЯ -.

    The basis of this word is - BIRTH-SIA -.

    The way this word is formed is - - SUPPLIED-SUFFIXAL -.

  • Children are always born with joy.

    Morphemic analysis of the verb born:

    highlight the root morpheme p about w d ;

    denote the suffix а ;

    I will indicate the end yu t ;

    and it remains also to mark the postfix with I .

    Base: r o w d a _ s i .

    How to make out the composition of the word "are born"?

  • I understand the word "Born". The first thing I want to note is the root - "birth", then the prefix - it is not, you still need to designate the suffix "a" and "sya", the ending "yut" and the stem in the word "Are born" - "born_shaya".

  • Let us analyze the verb "are born" and think about what is being born: thoughts, aspirations, intentions, children, grandchildren, and so on. The root here, of course, is birth - (alternation of consonants in the root d-zh-zh_, a is a prefix, yut is the end of the verb , sya is a returnable particle.

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