How to make out the composition of the word "resinous"?

How do you make out the composition of the word "resinous"?

  • Adjective Resin can stand in the genitive, dative, instrumental, or prepositional cases and has the ending -Oh: Resinous-Resinous-Resinous-Resinous. The same-rooted words are Smolysty-Smolit-Grind-Smolny-Smolny-Resin. The adjective root is the morpheme SMOL-. Also in the word we notice the adjective suffix -IST-.

    We get: SMOL-IST-OY (root-suffix-ending), the basis of the word SMOLIST-.

  • All over the fragrance resinous pines!

    --resins- root the words "resinous" (cognates: resinstrue, resinsand, resinsThis, resinsYanoi, resinsIan, resinsu);

    --east- suffix the words "resinous";

    --Oh- end the words "resinous";

    resinous -- this basis.

    How do you make out the composition of the word "resinous"?

  • Resinous - This author is very fond of using adjectives in a non-standard form. Well, it's a whim. -smol- root, -ist- the only adjective suffix, -oi- the ending of the adjective singular feminine in genitive, instrumental, prepositional cases.

  • pitch-root, test word-pitch, ist-suffix, oh-ending, resin-basis of the word.

  • Analysis of the composition (morphemic analysis) of the word RESISTANT

    This is a feminine adjective with the ending OH:

    resinous, resinous, resinous.

    The basis of the word SMOLIST.

    Now we give single-root words and isolate the root morpheme:

    tar, tar, tar, tar.

    Root means pitches.

    And the adjective suffix is ​​EAST.

    How do you make out the composition of the word "resinous"?

  • Resinous- adjective. It is a variable part of speech, respectively, the word can be inflected in cases, numbers and gender. Hence, the word has an ending. The word that is given to us has the ending -th.

    Let's start the selection of morphemes in the word resinous.

    Ending in a word -th (indicates the nominative case, the masculine gender, the only number of the relative adjective);

    the basis of the word is resinous-;

    select the root of the word smol-;

    the suffix in a word is -east-.

  • The composition of the word "resinous":

    The root of the word is "pitch"

    The suffix of the word is "ist"

    The end of the word is "oh"

    It seems to be so, as far as I remember from school, but it was all a long time ago, so if it’s wrong, correct it.

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