How to make out the composition of the word "student"?

How to make out the composition of the word "student"?

  • Word "schoolgirl" answers the question "who?", so it is a feminine noun. In this word, we need to identify parts of the word, such as root, suffix, ending and prefix.

    By declining the word "student" in cases (student, student, student, student), you can easily determine ending "-a"... The root of a word is determined by choosing the same root words, such as study, student, teacher, teacher's room. In these words and in our word "student" there is a common root "uch-". The prefix in the stated word is not, and there are two suffixes in it: "-" and "-nits-"... The basis of the word "student" is defined as the totality of all parts of the word without ending, in our case - "students".

  • The word "student" is a feminine noun, will answer the question "who?"

    Let us analyze this word by its composition, we will conduct a morphemic analysis.

    • "uch" is the root of the word
    • "e" 1 word suffix
    • "prostrate" 2 word suffix
    • "a" is the end
  • Morphemic analysis of the word student:

    • the root of the word will be - uch (teach, student, study);
    • the ending will be - a (student, student, student);
    • suffixes words: e and prow;
    • the basis of the word is pupils (all morphemes, except for the ending).
  • The feminine noun Pupil has the ending -A: Pupil-Pupil-Pupil-Pupil. The words with the same root will be Pupil-Pupil-Scientist-Learn-Study-Teach-Pupil-Teacher-Teacher. Good root will show the verb form, for example, the imperative mood of the Uchi, or the participle Uch. The root of the word is UCH-. Next, select the suffix -E-, and the noun suffix -NIC-.

    We get: UCH-E-nits-A (root-suffix-suffix-ending), the basis of the word DISCIPLES-.

  • We disassemble the composition of the word SCHOOLGIRLwhich is a feminine noun.

    We begin with the variable part of the word- graduation - А (female students, students)

    Basis the words will be - PUPILS.

    Root the words - UCH (learn, teach).

    The prefix is ​​absent.

    Suffix two - Е, SIC.

    How to make out the composition of the word "student"?

  • Noun schoolgirl mutable word. At the end of the word, select the inflectional morpheme - the end -A (student, student, student). The word "student" according to the laws of word formation is formed from the same root word "student" maletherefore, in the composition of the analyzed word we isolate a word-formation suffix -nits-, denoting a female person engaged in some kind of activity, compare:

    leader - leader;

    winner is the winner;

    the leader is the leader.

    To correctly determine the root of the noun "student *", let us recall the words of the same root and identify in them a common part, which contains their main lexical meaning: to teach, scientist, teacher, study, textbook.

    We conclude that the root of all these words, including the noun "student, including the part -ech-. The remaining morpheme -e" is a suffix.

    Let's summarize our research on the composition of the word "student":


  • The word " SCHOOLGIRL "contains the following morphemes or parts:

    The prefix is ​​absent.

    Root - " -UCH - ".

    Suffix - " -E- "And" -NITS- ".

    Ending - " -A - ".

    And the last thing to remember is the foundation - " STUDENTS ".

  • We analyze the word pupil by composition, it is mutable.

    The ending is a (pupils, pupils, pupils).

    2 Suffix-e and -nic-,


    The basis of the word STUDENT.

    The calculated way of forming the word: Suffixal.

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