What states were formed after the dissolution of the Macedonian power?

What states were formed after the dissolution of the Macedonian power?

  • The collapse of the great empire created by Alexander the Great did not happen immediately and not suddenly. For more than 40 years there was an intense struggle for power of the former allies, several attempts were made to restore the empire on the principle of federation, but all this ended with the formation of such a conglomerate of large and small states on the territory of the former empire, which is called the Hellenistic world - a world in which the features of the Greek and eastern civilizations. The most influential of these empires turned out to be Egypt, under the leadership of the new Ptolemaic dynasty, the end of which will come with the appearance of the last Queen Cleopatra in the family, the Syrian kingdom, Babylonia, Armenia, Macedonia. In addition to large and strong states, small kingdoms were formed in Pergamum (where Russians now like to rest), in mainland Greece, Asia Minor and Iran, in the northwest of India and Central Asia.

  • As a result of internecine wars between the comrades of Alexander, the former empire split into 8 parts, but the Macedonian, Syrian and Egyptian kingdoms became main and large, the boundaries of which changed several times.



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