What are the test words for the word striped?

What are the test words for the word striped?

  • The test word for the word STRIPED will sound so STRIP.

    And with such stress, this word has a lot of verification.

    With stress, we understand which letter will correctly write.

    In this case, the letter O

  • On the first letter O - stripes.

    On the second letter O - stripes, strip.

    That's how you can check the spelling of the word-adjective STRIP.

    But you need five whole verification words, and I have only three. So, alas, my answer cannot be considered complete.

  • In the word "striped" the first unstressed vowel is checked with the word "stripes", the second unstressed vowel - with the words "strip", "strip", "stripes", "striped".

  • In a word "striped" doubts in writing can cause two unstressed vowels "o", which are in the first and second syllables. You can check the spelling of letters with the help of test words, in which the stress will be placed on the dubious letter.

    First unstressed vowel "about" check with the word "stripes", which clarifies the spelling of our dubious letter "o" in the first syllable. Vowel "about" in the second syllable will help check the word "strip"which allows us to confidently write in our word "striped" the letter "o" in the second syllable.

    So, the word should be written like this: "striped".


    need to check 2 unstressed vowels Oh, for this we select such test words in which these vowels will be underlined:


    polosati-stripe, banded, striped, striped, striped, striped.

  • In the word "striped" the root is STRIP. At this root, we see two unstressed vowels, the spelling of which we need to check. As test words, we need to find such cognate words in which the stress will fall on the first or second vowel:

    polosochka, poloski poloskas poloschaty.

    If there are difficulties with the selection of test words, the spelling of the word can be checked in the dictionaries:

    What are the test words for the word striped?

  • By the way striped You can choose the following test words

    • to check the first vowel of the root: polos;
    • for checking the second vowel root: polOshochka, polOsk, poloschny, intersectal, bespolosny, multipolar.
  • It is quite simple to pick up test words for the word broken: on the first letter O - stripes, on the second - stripes, stripes, stripes, stripes. More test words for the first letter O did not occur to me. It is more difficult to give detailed answers to such questions.

  • I Unstressed vowels of the first and second syllables of the token STRIPED, without any doubt, can be checked by stress. In general, this is done in two ways, known to us from the time of primary school:

    1) pick up such related words in which the sound would be a shock

    • first syllable: strip (accusative case, however, there is an option lane here, but it does not suit us), band (plural, case of nominative / accusative);
    • second syllable: lanes (genitive plural) strip, strip, little bit, striped, striped, in a row.

    2) change the shape of the word; this method is not applicable to the verification of this adjective, because in all its forms, without exception, the stress remains fixed on the third syllable, but the noun STRIP from which this adjective is formed can be checked by this method.

    What are the test words for the word striped?

    II Or you may not check if you remember the combinations of ORO, EPE, OLO, which we call full-dissent, characteristic of the Russian language.

    In the word STRIPED, as in the words with one root, there is a full-fledged combination OLO, about chm says the words have this nest of a vocabulary historically single-root token with a combination of non-full-fledged LA: plaza (Church Slavonic).

  • We are looking for words in which the root of the word will be "strips-", and the stress will fall on the first or second syllable.

    Check the first syllable with unstressed O with the word "stripes".

    Let's check the second syllable with the word "strip".

    Sometimes for checking one word you need to pick up several test words, as in this case.

  • In order not to write this word with errors, you need to remember how it is spelled correctly. To do this, you need to check the word, that is, to cite such words with the same root, where both vowels are heard so clearly that you cannot write another vowel except the correct one. So, for the first letter O in the root of the word, the test word is a plural word: polos, and for the second letter O is also a plural word: polOski.

    Now we can say for sure that the word striped is written with two O.

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