What is the test word for the word length?

What is the test word for the word length?

  • If you want to check the letter and at the root of the word, then the test word is long. As for the number of letters n in a word, the letter n should be one. Only in the adjective long there are two of them. Just memorize this word and you will not have any problems with spelling it.

  • Is it correct to write the length or length? To check the underfurms, the word in which the letter will be heard. Check word long.In this word the vowel И It becomes a shock and thus verifiable. We have no doubts that it is right to write length.

  • The word "LENGTH", is a feminine noun in the singular.

    In order to check the letter "I", it is necessary to select a test word. For example, the word is long, there is no way you can write it with the letter "e". Since the tested syllable is stressed.

    Sometimes, some people can write the word length with two letters "nn", apparently confusing themselves due to the test word long. But after all, it goes perfectly to check a different spelling.

    Remember that you are checking, and in no case do not confuse the letters in the spelling, be careful.

  • The test word for the word "LENGTH" is the cognate word "LONG". In the word "LONG" the unstressed vowel "AND" in this case comes under stress and, accordingly, it is it that must be written in the word "LENGTH".

  • Doubt can be in two places: it is an unstressed vowel in the root and the number of "n". We solve the first problem by choosing a single-root word, where the vowel is in a stressed position, for example, "long", "and" is clearly audible, which means that it is written in the word "length".

    The second problem is solved by remembering that there is only one letter "n" at the root, and two of them can only be obtained because of the suffix of the adjective "n", as in the word "long". But in a noun, only one letter "n" is written.

  • To check the spelling of the word "length", namely, which letter to write "e" or "and", you need to choose such a test word for it so that when pronounced aloud, the checked unstressed vowel clearly manifests itself. For example, you can use the following words: "long" or "elongated". As you can see from the test words, after the letter "l", the letter "and" should be written in the word "length".

  • And I thought that you are asking with one or two "n" to write. Many people write it with two "n", why I do not know. Although, of course, there is the word "length", but this short form of the adjective is long, and in fact they write the noun "length", but they write it like this: "length". What is the reason, I do not understand.

  • LENGTH. In this noun there is an unstressed vowel A, which can be verified with the word LONG. It is necessary to distinguish this noun from the short adjective LONG, formed from the full adjective LONG, will help in this context.

    This skirt is long for me.

    The length of this skirt is 50 centimeters.

  • To know how to write the word length correctly, the test word will be long. The word must have one letter n. But in the word long two letters n. Therefore, this word needs to be remembered how to write correctly and then there will be no problems with writing this word.

  • When checking the spelling of a vowel after the letter L, the test word will be LONG and you will not write the word "long".

    Can be used as a test word: LONG, LONG, they are also the word LONG single-root.

  • When pronouncing the noun length shock is the ending:

    longа - root / ending.

    At the root of the word, an unstressed vowel is heard unclearly, which will cause trouble in its writing. We proceed traditionally:

    take a related word with a stressed vowel in the root - dlиny.

    Depending on the specific situation, it is possible to spell the word. long as a short form of the adjective "long":

    This skirt is clearly me long.

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