What is the test word for the word room?

What is the test word for the word room?

  • In the spelling of the word "room", apparently, only two mistakes can be made - these are two unstressed vowels - "o" and "e". The parsing of this noun in composition can help us: there is no prefix "pa-" in Russian, so we write "po", as for the root of this noun, here we use the word "place" as a test, where "e" is under stress ...

  • In a word "room"you can make several mistakes at once, and if you make them all in one word, the room will probably look like"recollection".

    The first mistake is checked by the fact that it appears as a prefix. The prefix pa does not exist in Russian.

    The second room error is checked check word "place" (stressed letter E).

  • Word ROOMS, this is a neuter noun, in the second declension, the word is formed from the noun "place" and the prefix "by" - by + place.

    Errors in this word can be made a few ROOM.

    1. We check the vowel "O", "po" is a prefix in the word, and as you know, the prefix "pa-" is practically not used in Russian (exceptions are stepson and stepdaughter), which means you need to write the vowel "O".
    2. To check the vowel "E" at the root of the word, you can simply, since this vowel is unstressed, we select a test word where the vowel we are interested in will be stressed - PLACE.


  • A check word for the word ROOM can be easily found. Find the root word or change the word so that the vowel being tested is stressed. Such words can be PLACE, MANOR, and so on.

  • The word "room" has an unstressed vowel "e". And it is she who requires careful verification. Well, for this you need to choose the same root words: place, local, estate. From all these helpers-words, it becomes unconditionally clear that the letter "and" in the word "room" has no place here.

    Perhaps someone may be confused by the letter "o". But here everything is solved simply and there is no need for a test word. This letter is in the prefix, which is only of this kind: software and no user agents or something similar does not exist.

  • The word "room" is likely to make mistakes in two cases: in the first and in the second syllable. In order to be sure of the correctness of the spelling of this word, it is enough to know, first, that the prefix PA- does not exist in the Russian language, and second, that this word is a derivative of the word "place".

  • When writing the word "room", you can make a mistake in the syllable with an unstressed vowel at the root. We look for a test word, putting the vowel under stress:

    Manor, place, place, place, place, local

    So, we write "premises" through the letter E. Other mistakes are extremely difficult to make.

  • First, we need to make out for this the word "ROOM" in composition. So, the prefix (there is no PA prefix, so we check the letter -o), place- is the root, -enis suffix, -e is the ending.

    To test the letter -, the test word "ROOMER" will do.

  • In order to check the spelling of the word "room" (and in particular the unstressed letter "e" after the consonant "m"), you need to select a test word for it, in which this letter "e" would be stressed. For instance: landowner, place, local, estate.

    In addition, there may be doubts about the correct spelling of the prefix "by". But since the prefix "pa" in Russian is practically not used with the exception of a couple of exceptions, it is obvious that the word "room" is spelled correctly.

  • Test word for word premises such as place, area, estate, etc. The word premises is a noun, according to this prefix, the place is the root, the suffix, and this is the ending, I think it will be very difficult to make a mistake in this word even when pronounced, it is heard as it is spelled.

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