What is the test word for the collar?

What is the test word for the collar?

  • Collar - check word Gateway.

    ВОrotnik or ВАrotnik what letter will we write о or а after в, we select the one-root check word gates, the stress falls on an unstressed vowel о after the letter в at the root of the word.

    Root - gates.

    The basis of the word is gates

  • The word COLLAR is a noun that answers the question what?

    In order to check it, you need to put the checked vowel under stress due to the checked word. This word can only be the word GATE, since in it the checked first syllable becomes stressed and remains uncontested.

  • Before looking for a check word for a noun collar, we will establish its morphemic composition in order to clearly determine in which part of the word there is a problem in the spelling of the word

    collar-nick_ root / suffix / null ending

    When pronouncing a word, the stress falls on the suffix of the word, in a weak position, that is, without stress, both vowel roots of the word turned out to be. To check the spelling of unstressed vowels at the root of the word "collar", select related words or change the form of the word itself so that the vowels that need to be checked are in a strong position - under stress.

    Collar - collar, collar, collar, etc.

    Changing the form of the word did not clarify anything about the spelling of the noun "collar".

    Then let's pick up related words:

    collar - collar, collar, collar.

    The single-root word "vOrot" checked the spelling of the letter "o" in the first syllable of the word. And the spelling of the second "o", I'm afraid, we have nothing to check, unless we remember about Russian full consent -or-, which exists in the primordial Russian words "beard, beard, gate, city, fence", etc.

    If we learn to notice this full agreement in words, it will help us in writing native Russian words, including the word "collar".

  • I would check the word "collar" with the word "collar". The word being tested comes from the word "gate", such a test. Moreover, the word is related, they have a single root + in the word "gate" - the letter "O" is shock, as it should be.

  • Word collar is a masculine noun, singular (plural - collars), in the nominative and accusative cases.

    In this word, the root is -gate-. And it is at the root of the word that there are two vowels that need to be checked, since they are in weak - unstressed positions. We check by choosing one-root words, where the checked vowel will be stressed.

    Check the first vowel with a word - vOrot.

    Let's just remember the second vowel.

    Write the correct words - thief.

  • Since the question did not specify which letter it is desirable to check, we will try to look for a check option for all letters that are in weak positions. That is, we will go in a row, from the beginning of the word to its end:

    1. "B" - sounds sharp enough.

    2. "O" - we apply the stress test: "gate".

    3. "P" - there can be no mistake.

    4. "O" - we apply a similarity check: "gate", "beard", "short".

    5. "T" - we use the check by putting the consonant in a strong position, that is, before the vowel sound: "collars".

    6. "H" - does not require verification.

    7. "And" - shock.

    8. "K" - put in a strong position: "collars".

  • It is enough to know about the combination of 3 letters in the words of the Russian language -oro- and you will not have to look for a test word. Therefore, "collar" is written with two "o", but when pronounced "varatnik" is heard. Although the first "o" can be stressed: vOrot, under vOt.

  • Check word Collar

    Collar is a noun, singular.

    Children while writing this word can make several mistakes, since the word collar can be heard as: warrior, thief or warrant.

    All these spellings are unacceptable, therefore we will select the same root words with the first vowel under stress: gate (in this word, the first letter "o" is clearly heard). The second o is unverifiable, so you have to remember the primordially Russian words with oro / olo or remember the word collar once and for all.

    Collar sentence: There was a strong wind, so I had to raise my collar and step up.

  • The first letter "O" in the word COLLAR is checked with the test word B (O) ROT. The letter "O" in this word is under stress and therefore it is considered a test.

    The second letter "O" in the word is not checked by the test word, here the rule -OPO- or -OLO- is applied.

  • We write the word VAROTNIK through O. Although at first glance it may seem that Varatnik. The word GATE will be the test word for this word. The stress falls on the first vowel O.

    The second vowel O - cannot be checked - must be remembered.

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