What is the test word to the word: live (live)?

What is the test word to the word: live (live)?

  • I think the test word for "alive" (lives) is the word "a life".

    Life we ​​can not otherwise write. Here everything is written as it is written.

    Therefore, it is perfect for checking the spelling of the word "alive".

  • It seems to me that you should not specifically look for a verification word in order to check the spelling of the letter And after F, because the JI-Shi rule has not yet been canceled. But if you want to choose a word in which this letter will also be stressed, then the words Live, Alive, Life can be used, because the root of these words is ZhI-.

  • In the words "alive" and "lives" the stress is placed on the second syllable, and the vowel is fundamentally in an unstressed position, it needs to be checked.

    It is very simple to choose a test word in this case, such a word will be the word “life.

  • To correctly spell this word, we need to do the following two actions:

    What is the test word to the word: live (live)?

    Remember, the YI / SHI rule is not a test for writing words with alternating I / E in an unstressed root! This mistake is often made!

  • The word "Alive", is an adjective, masculine and singular. Some people manage to make a mistake at the very root of the word, writing "chewy". To check this word, there is a rule in Russian that it is necessary to write the vowel "I" when "ZhI - SHI".

    The word "LIVES", it is an imperfective verb, because it answers the question "what does it do?"

    One root and verifying word, is a life.

    Sometimes it is difficult to remember one or another test word, for this you need to often remember complex words by heart.

  • In the words LIVING and LIVING, doubt is caused by the spelling of the letter AND in the root of LIVING. In order to check an unstressed vowel, we select a word with the same root in which this vowel would be stressed: live, living creatures, granary and others. Also we remember that in combinations of ЖI, ШИ we always write I.

  • In principle, it is not even difficult to check the spelling of the word "LIVE" (LIVE). Suffice it to recall the rule from the Russian language, which says that after the hissing "Ж" and "Ш", the letter "I" is written in the words. Therefore, in the word "LIVE" (LIVE) the vowel "I" is written.

  • Living-stress falls in this adjective on the second syllable. We will check the unstressed vowel in the root through the word -ZHIV-, where -– in the stressed position. And one more rule, Zhi-shi is always written through -i. There is nothing more to check here.

  • Adjective stress alive falls on the ending, so the vowel at the root of the word is heard indistinctly (and e). In order to prevent spelling mistakes, we select the test words: live life. Let us recall the rule of the Russian language regarding the writing of a vowel even after w, h, w, w: after these consonants, the letter is always written and, despite the fact that s is heard.

  • The word "alive" ("lives") can be written correctly if you remember that there is a rule that says that after the letter "z" the letter "and" is written (zhi-shi). Here we check that "and" is spelled, not "s".

    The second option is such a test word as the word "life", because children can write the letter "e" at the root, therefore we are insured and give one more hint - "a life".

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