What law prohibits parents from attending school lessons?

What law prohibits parents from attending school lessons?

  • In general, of course it is strange that they are not allowed to enter primary school. In our gymnasium, on the contrary, parents were always invited to attend lessons to see how their children behave. But in our country a lot of strange.

    Having rummaged in the wilds of the Internet found just such information, in paragraph 3 of the article 55 of the Constitution stated:

    What law prohibits parents from attending school lessons?

    Moreover, in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation of 10.07.1992 N 3266-1 "On Education", education in this Law is understood as a purposeful process of upbringing and education in the interests of a person, society, and the state, accompanied by a statement that a citizen (student) has achieved educational levels established by the state. (educational qualifications). Thus, the state primarily protects the rights of the child, perhaps not even significantly restricting the rights of parents, but only in the learning process.

    The rights and obligations of parents are defined in article 52 of the law. There is such a phrase:

    What law prohibits parents from attending school lessons?

    Perhaps the teachers refer to this last phrase about the OS statute?

  • Specifically, there is no such law and cannot be. There is a School Charter and internal regulations - it is in these documents that parents can attend lessons. Model documents usually state that parents have the right to attend the lesson with the permission of the school administration. This can be understood, otherwise a situation may arise that 25 children are trying to squeeze into the classroom and another 25 parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, etc. are trying to squeeze in there. In addition, in elementary grades, children react quite sharply to the presence of strangers - and the mother of a neighbor on a desk is quite a stranger for a student.

    In the middle classes, this is no longer there, but at this age, and for some reason, parents don't rush for lessons themselves. It's a pity: I would learn a lot of interesting and useful things.

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