What is the difference between a position and a profession?

What is the difference between a position and a profession?

  • A profession is a type of labor activity of a person who has relevant theoretical knowledge and skills acquired in the course of special training.

    A position is a structural unit within or outside an organization that an individual occupies.

    Position is a narrower concept than profession.

    Например, у человека профессия "учитель". Но этот учитель одновременно может занимать должность директора, зауча или др.

  • This profession is what you studied for, graduated from college, college. At the end you are given a diploma with the name of the profession for which you have unlearned and which one you own. And the position is like an improvement in the profession. Suppose you are an engineer by profession, after you have gained experience or have shown your best side, you will be promoted. And you become the chief engineer of a department. So the position is a step on the career ladder.

  • The difference between the position and the profession is the same as that between what you are taught in higher education and what you will do in the future in order to earn your living and your needs; it is possible to have a rich theoretical knowledge base but at the same time not be able to put them into practice, but it can also be the other way round when a person intuitively performs a certain set of actions and earns several times more than a specialist with a diploma in a specialty;

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