Good night or good night? How right?

Good night or good night? How right?

  • The first option in my opinion euphonious. The second I persistently associates with the cemetery. Well, in the people and so they say, except that the second option is more old and more folksy or something.

  • Dixie 142K Mom always wanted a good night (she was born in 1929 in the Russian outback) before going to bed, and she did not always have a respectful attitude to the cemeteries and deceased.

    With all my wishes, I never had a different meaning for the whole time.

    I spoke to my children before going to bed the same way, I did not ask questions.

  • The expression Goodnight has been used in the past to replace the current expression of goodnight. The meaning of both statements is the same - the wish that the person should spend a quiet night, not suffer from nightmares or some problems that prevent him from falling asleep and relaxing before a new day. The root of the adjectives Deceased and Calm is the same - PEACE, that is, a state of carelessness, not overshadowed by anything, complete relaxation.

    Maybe now, the word "The Deceased" is perceived differently than before, something too close to the Dead, and therefore it has become more fashionable to wish good night, that is, a night with Peace. But in the past, it was this expression that was more popular and was used more often. Good night is a more modern variation.

    Good night or good night? How right?

  • It's not worth it to wish for a good night, because it's as though they wish the deceased (it can offend a living person). Peace is very good, but still in tune with the dead man. And good night very nice wish, because they want peace of mind at night.

  • As a child, I was also interested in how to speak correctly. And my mother said that it is equally right and so, and so. And in fact, it is good to desire peace equally, and calmness during sleep all night.

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