Creative technology projects for girls. Technology Presentations

The task of the teacher is not only to teach the child the basics of his subject and how to apply the knowledge gained in practice, but also to instill in a person a sense of beauty. Music, art, and technology teachers are most successful in the latter task. The use of various projects helps them in this. Creative technology projects for girls are especially popular.

What's this

A creative technology project is a student's independent work on the creation of a particular thing. The process often takes several lessons and is closely supervised by the teacher. The teacher helps to determine the topic, find or make a sketch, and do the preparatory work for creating a product.

Through the use of creative projects, girls can try themselves in the role of designers or cooks, show their skills and abilities, and most importantly, realize their potential.

creative technology projects for girls

When planning to use creative technology projects for girls in teaching, the teacher should carefully consider their topics and their relationship to the curriculum. The main directions in which projects can be set:

- cooking;

- cross-stitch;

- embroidery ribbons;

- satin stitch embroidery;

- patchwork techniques;

- knitting;

- sewing;

- beading;

- making toys and dolls;

- production of products for interior decoration.

When to enter?

One of the most frequently asked questions is when to introduce creative technology projects for girls? Grade 5 is the perfect time to introduce projects. Children will quickly grasp the essence of such tasks, learn how to quickly and efficiently perform them. This will all be a huge plus, especially if you plan to give such assignments throughout your studies.

One of the parts of the project is its advertising. This includes the creation of the name of the finished product, its description, the development of a trademark and a small advertising slogan.

What the technology project includes

What is included in the project? Often, a technology project includes the choice of a direction and topic of work, the selection of materials and the manufacture of a particular product from them. Each of the stages of work is recorded and then formalized by the student in the so-called explanatory note. A presentation is also needed to defend the project.

For example, consider creative technology projects for girls (grade 5). The apron is one of the main topics of study. You can offer children not only to sew a standard item according to a ready-made sample, but to prepare a sketch of the product themselves, make patterns, choose a suitable fabric and sew it.

creative technology projects for girls in grade 8

Further assessment can be carried out on a competitive basis, taking into account, when giving marks, not only the type of product, but also the quality of the stitches, the correctness of the drawing.

The best time to implement such creative technology projects for girls is grade 5. An apron made in the course of their implementation can be a great gift for March 8 to mom or grandmother.

Sample project topics

Depending on the topic and its goals, such tasks can be distinguished for creative projects.

When studying arts and crafts, you can suggest the following topics:

- a panel of cereals;

- making souvenirs from scrap material;

- salted dough products;

- Photo frame;

- papier-mâché products.

At the beginning of technology studies, such creative technology projects for girls will be very interesting. Grade 5 just implies simple simple tasks.

The second block of approximate topics is related to the study of needlework. It implies the ability to sew simple things both with a typewriter and with a simple needle. This includes the following topics:

- making an author's doll;

- making amulet dolls;

- do-it-yourself potholder for the kitchen;

- cushion;

- pin cushion.

The age for which these creative technology projects for girls are suitable is 6th grade.

creative technology projects for girls in grade 7

The next block of tasks is related to the topic "Weaving". In most cases, these tasks are related to work with beads and beads. Before starting work, it is advisable to explain to children the peculiarities of working with beads - how to choose it correctly, how to choose a fishing line or wire for weaving, additional materials. These include the following subtopics:

- bead gift

- bead decoration.

- making flowers from beads.

The age for which these creative technology projects for girls are suitable is Grade 6, Grade 5, Beginning 7.

One of the most ambitious topics, which is given a lot of time in technology lessons, is embroidery. The topic implies mastering several embroidery techniques - embroidery with ribbons, satin stitch, cross stitch, beads. For each type, you can offer the following task topics:

- painting embroidery;

- embroidered napkin;

- embroidered tablecloth;

- embroidered towel.

You can also give the children the opportunity to choose the type of embroidery for their project.

The age for which these creative projects on technology for girls are relevant is 7th grade.

Another group of project topics is suitable for consolidating the knowledge and skills obtained when studying the basics of knitting.

So, you can use the following types of creative tasks:

- creation of a heating pad;

- knitting soft toys;

- macrame.

creative technology projects for girls in grade 6

When it is best to use these topics when consolidating crochet skills. For knitting needles you can use:

- scarf;

- warm socks;

- knitted vest.

The age for which these creative projects on technology for girls are relevant is 7th grade.

Next, we move on to the most difficult group of topics. They are associated with sewing on a typewriter and involve the ability to take measurements and make patterns. The main topics to start with are:

- pillow case;

- do-it-yourself apron;

- we sew a skirt;

- we sew shorts;

- summer top.

Note that the above creative technology projects for girls in grade 8 are best suited.

The older the child becomes, the more complex the subject of his work becomes. After grade 8, it is important to ask large projects, the completion of which will take at least one quarter, maximum - a semester. The main topics for such large-scale projects:

- creation of a fancy dress;

- modeling and sewing a sundress;

- dress tailoring.

The age at which children can master such creative technology projects for girls is 10th grade.

creative technology projects for girls in grade 5

It should be noted that another topic of the projects is related to cooking. This type of creative project can be given one or two lessons, during which children can find or compose their own recipe and prepare a dish. This is best done at the end of the semester, academic year.

The main stages of work on the project

All stages of performing creative tasks are divided into:

  1. The search engine, when the child chooses a direction, searches for or creates a sketch or drawing, selects material.
  2. Technological - in the process of which the main work is performed on a product or project.
  3. Analytical, during which the child evaluates the result, its merits and advantages.

Operating procedure

Basically, creative technology projects for girls are carried out according to the following plan:

1. Choosing a project theme.

2. Drawing up a sketch.

3. Drawing up drawings or patterns.

4. Choice of materials.

5. Manufacturing of the product.

6. Preparation of an explanatory note.

7. Preparation of the presentation.

8. Protection of the finished project.

Explanatory note

creative project technology girls

As already mentioned, ready-made creative projects on technology for girls should contain an explanatory note. It consists of the following elements:

- title page;

- introduction;

- substantiation of the choice of the idea;

- a sketch of the product;

- a list of materials used;

- drawings;

- in the case of sewing a product - layouts of patterns on the fabric;

- samples of used seams or types of knitting, other techniques;

- a list of devices;

- ecological soundness;

- economic calculations;

- conclusions;

- List of sources;

- annex on safety rules;

- advertising the product.


A big plus when defending a project is the presence of a presentation. When preparing it, you should use photographs of the finished product, the stages of its creation. You can use a historical reference, which will indicate when and where this art form originated.

creative technology projects for girls grade 5 apron


Let's look at an example of how creative technology projects for girls are evaluated. Grade 8 provides for sewing any thing, for example, skirts. When assessing, it is necessary to take into account:

  1. Correctness of taking measurements.
  2. The correctness of the construction of drawings and patterns.
  3. The quality of the lines.
  4. The appearance of the model.

It is important for the teacher to designate all the assessment criteria in advance, to explain what exactly he will pay attention to. It is important, however, that projects end up with excellent or good grades. Otherwise, the students may be disappointed in their work.

To evaluate the projects received, you can also involve other students, for example, conduct a vote - which products they liked the most.


One of the lessons that creative design involves is technology. Girls love handicrafts, especially if they are given the freedom of choice when identifying a topic, assignment. Thanks to the use of design technology, adolescents learn to apply the knowledge gained during training in practice, and develop creatively. Projects are best used if the study of the topic lasts more than 8-10 lessons.

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